Barbie Doll: Product Specifications

Ok. So I listed out the fifty fab actions ladies should expect from their Ken Doll friends, or even special edition mates... we'll look at what should be expected of us ladies. Men, know that a real woman does these things.


Ken-Doll: Product specifications

Ken Doll Product Specifications: Should your Ken Doll malfunction, or fail to perform the following Fifty Fab actions, please return to the manufacturer with proof of purchase.

That good good…

Never forget none of us can do a goshdarned thing to make each other happy. I said it, and practically sneeze rainbows. People choose to be happy or not. You have nothing to do with it.

Let me see it.

Thank them for everything. You are WRONG if you ever claim that they are EXPECTED to do anything for you. If you're in a healthy, reciprocal relationship...They have done just as much as or more, than you have. Probably more than you know.