A whole lot of worrying over nothin’.











Have you ever worried a loved one might leave you, or hurt you?  Have you ever worried you might lose your job or earning potential? Ever worried about your appearance?  Or the impact of political strife on your personal life?

Have you ever worried about anything?

Well, don’t bother.  Just stop.

We’re not really worried about those things.  We’re not really worried our loved one will leave us, cheat on us, or hurt us, we’re worried we might not recover fully, a piece of us forever lost in the rubble.

We’re not really worried about losing our job, we’re worried about losing our financial security, our lifestyle, our reputation, our family and friends, and even then, about what all that loss might do to us.  Whether we can rebuild ourselves bigger and badder and better than before.

We’re not really worried about our appearance and whether we’re dressed well, have put on pounds, or have the best hair or skin at the moment.  We’re worried about our own and other’s perception of us, and how well-aligned that is with who we really are:  Whether we’re physically reflecting wholeness or brokenness.

We’re not concerned with politics per se but  with the possibility our world might change: Laws might shift, the economy might crumble, war might loom and we’ll lose our footing, our reality, ourselves in the process.

Man that sounds like a lot.

Really, it’s just a whole lotta worrying about how those things might affect us…  Specifically how they might break us: Make us less whole than we think we are with them the way they are.  Without any change.

When you’re whole, the way you and everything in your life responds to change is more often than not a positive shift.  No worries.

The best way to prevent all that malady from traipsing around in your life is to stop worrying about it.  Focus instead on your unshakable wholeness.  That will be the armor against the perils of the world.

Since the beginning of human existence warriors have won impossible battles; families have overcome incredible odds; people have gone from the indignity of slavery and illiteracy to be immortalized as  philosophers and intellectuals; nations have been rebuilt; love reignited; abusers vanquished; the broken fixed.

We don’t really have anything to worry about.

Because there’s nothing that can break us unless we let it.

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