Flying high: Navigating and surrendering to change.

When pilots navigate, they steer the plane based on information they can trust.  Information that is so certain and infallible, if it were ever inaccurate that would be the least of their troubles.

I can only imagine the vertigo and confusion to be found in ascending to such a height, then trying to move forward by squinting back down at Earth, trying to make sense of landmarks gone before you see them.

I can only imagine the disorientation and malfunction caused by misunderstanding or ignorance of trusted information provided, searching frantically for a guide, direction, of any kind in the chaos.

I can only imagine the danger and risk inherent in resistance, questioning the information provided and ultimately crossing arms over chest, shutting eyes and refusing to engage.

We are always growing, changing, developing in ways we couldn’t dream or imagine.  In the midst of change we are strengthened in the knowledge that while everything we know slips away, we have trusted information to rely on to get us to our destination so we must surrender and stay engaged.

We should always make sure to rely only on those infallible, unquestionable truths in life.

If ever there’s a question, this is the best source.

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