Mirrors: When encouragement is found in reflection.

When we’re on the right track, life moves ahead at lightning speed, full of change, newness and depth.  When we move forward aggressively and positively, little room is left to stare over our shoulder at the barriers broken, obstacles flattened, and challenges overcome.

Our focus should be so high we simply hand over problems when we see them to a higher source, and press forward.  When you stop obsessing over an outcome, you might only realize it’s been dealt with through reflection of another.

Have you ever marveled when someone commented to you , “You’re so fearless!”  Or,  “You’re so (insert positive outcome you’ve been striving for)!”

Were you taken aback?  Pleasantly confused?

We don’t recognize how far we’ve come because we constantly shift focus as we move forward in life.  As we conquer goals, they pass into peripheral vision and then drift out of sight, while the distant dreams beyond come clearly into focus, eventually passing by as we uncover glory not imagined.

In this process, when we surround ourselves with the right people, they will always reflect truth to you.  The evidence of progress in friendly confirmation might sound a lot like a reminder that you were working on something you didn’t realize you’d finished.  The point is:  You’ve finished, and moved on.

So when you hear confirmation of progress in something you once hoped and prayed you’d overcome, waste no time in questioning whether it happened, or how, or if your mirror is truthful.

Count it as a mile marker on the road of life, which is no dusty sunlit trail through the woods.

It’s much more like a never-ending freeway filled with on-ramps, having no exits, taking you higher the longer you travel it…*

You never know what’s on the next level, only that it marks ascension and progress.

Photo Credit: http://www.harmelphoto.com/blog/freeway-love/




*Italics paraphrased from Touré Roberts 7/1/2012.

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