The purposeful path: I want the knife (Remembering The Golden Child)

We’re all alive for a reason.  There is a purpose for each and every one of us.

When you figure out what your purpose is, the world shifts.  It’s particularly fun if you happen to be say, thirty years into the living game before you figure this out.

All of a sudden, stuff gets snatched away from you.  All of a sudden, wildly complicated catch-22 scenarios pile up around you.  All of a sudden, everybody and everything has some urgent, life-shattering stuff you need to deal with.  All of a sudden, your gifts (the weapons and tools you need to carry out your purpose) are dismantled.  All of a sudden, you get distracted from what that purpose is.

Then all of a sudden, just how dire and serious your purpose is body slams you back to reality.

You can’t help but smile because you know at the end of the day it’s all good.

And good is way bigger, badder, and craftier than bad.

So you keep moving forward, urgently, fervently.

Except this is what the path looks like.


Ah-ah-ah-I want the knife.

For those unfamiliar, in this scene of the movie The Golden Child Eddie Murphy is going through intense trials, all while carrying without spilling, a glass of water supposed to match the purity of his thoughts.  The goal is to get to the weapon (a knife) that will protect The Golden Child, allowing him to live out his purpose.

(Spoiler alert) Ultimately, Murphy has to drink the water he carefully stewarded to get the weapon.

This is how important it is to care for our gifts.

This is how seriously we have to take our lives.

This is how critical it is for us to be ourselves and no one else.

This is how our walk in purpose looks: In the clip, he’s in a dark room cracking jokes with a glass of water in his hand, trying to balance on sticks.  Who does that?

Ultimately, he’s playing his part to save the world.

I know it’s Eddie Murphy.

But those pedestals, the importance of choosing the right step, is REAL.

There’s a ground, Monty!  Hitting it ain’t pretty.

What would your life look like if you approached every move you make in life as if you were stepping out on those pedestals, with the same kind of clarity defined by each step? There’s not much space to be a little off.

Do watch the movie, it’s awesomely hilarious.

Enjoy your day. 🙂


2 Replies to “The purposeful path: I want the knife (Remembering The Golden Child)”

  1. Thank you for being a vessel. I was searching for an answer that was inside me since the day I was born. This eemind me to always search inward, the out side is circumstantial evidence 🙂

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