Empowered refusal: If_____, then _____. vs. Is_____, and_____.

Doubt,  mistakes, anger, fear,  judgment, weakness, hatred, confusion, disloyalty, discord, disqualification and unworthiness all come from a mindset of:

If __________,


Love, joy, peace, faith, hope, power, wisdom, strength, hope, excellence, acceptance,  unity and order all come from a mindset of:


And ____________.

We’re here.  We’re alive.  We’re perfect just as we are.  There is no contingency, qualifier, or prerequisite for us to be ready, worthy, or able.  We’re not yesterday’s mistake, last year’s distress, or childhood defeat.  And neither is any one else.

So what qualifies you to say otherwise, and more importantly… What damage is done to ourselves and others when we choose the mindset of fear, doubt, and contingency?  How could we even know what we’ve held back from ourselves or someone else by refusing?

Refusal isn’t always, “No.”  More often we refuse by saying,

“If _____, then.”

The easiest way to win a battle is to keep your enemy from ever showing up to fight.  Battles are over when one side is unable or unwilling to fight.  How often do you not even show up because you refuse, assuming you’re not going to win?

Thinking in a pattern of

If, Then

is refusing to show up for your own life.

Operating from a place of

Is, And

is accepting the fact that as long as you’re breathing, who you are, where you are, and what you have is all you or anyone else needs.  This is your life, it is the right time, everything is ready, all you need is here and, you’ll win.

Be careful not to disqualify yourself or any one else from success.

You never know what fight will be lost as a result of empowered refusal.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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