Sputnik Says: Longing for the past will rob you of present healing needed for future blessings.

Yo, he really said that.


Really, what hat happened was, I woke one morning and went to share cuddle-time.  Without it Sputnik gets antsy and pouts.

This particular morning he was so flippin’ excited he just kept playing with his favorite toy of the moment: An empty plastic container.  He’d alternately try to bury the toy in my lap, or just run around the room at top speed with the toy in his mouth.  He’d get tired, drink thirstily and continue.

Knowing he needs physical affection, eventually I gently took the toy and put it out of his reach.

He stopped dead in his tracks and glanced at me, then stared at the spot the toy had disappeared to.  Then sat on his haunches, staring at the invisible toy.  Every couple seconds he’d glance at me, then back at the toy void.

I tried to call him over.  Tried to pick him up.  He wouldn’t have it.  He’d go right back to his little spot and stare at the toy void.

It struck me how familiar his behavior was.  Not that I stare at toy voids.

But sometimes…

We get so preoccupied with what we want, when it’s taken from us whether for a moment or forever, but definitely for our own good…  We allow ourselves to stand still and become paralyzed, fixated on something no longer in our reach.

Be mindful of whether mourning over or meditating on something you think you want is keeping you from what you need.

Longing for the past will rob you of present healing needed for future blessings.

Sputnik says.

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