The unseen you is what makes you great. 

Your self-care and self-work; 

Wrestling with failure and refusal to give up; 

Kindness toward your family when you’re at your worst; 

Sacrifice of and distancing from the people and things who don’t spark your best; 

Loving confrontation with all that begs us to shrink and hide the greatness our unseen manifests. 
Your greatness has not been, nor will truly ever be seen. The small part that overflows of the unseen can help others. Never focus on the lesser of you OR others (what is seen), but on the greater (what is unseen.) 

That is our legacy, our best. 

True relationship and vulnerability within, without and between.


Vulnerability is dangerous, and demands trust. Every time we place our safety in someone else’s hands by daring to be vulnerable, we build trust. 



We can identify integrity and high character but nothing can really prepare you for the trust required in intimacy. 

Currently working on seeking out, drawing out, and lovingly demonstrating the value of the unseen.

Please share your thoughts, encouragement, questions, I'd love to see them.

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