It is well.

It is well.

Sometimes the most important work also seems the most mundane, the height of banality. It’s hard to stick with and easy to persuade yourself to be less consistent, less rigorous with something that seems irrelevant, useless, and unseen.

Routine, redundancy, planning, details and safeguards are disaster preparedness mechanisms. Instead of paying the very expensive penalty for lack of discipline down the road, convince yourself now of how significant it is.

The more you master your routine it builds up optimal default operation systems. It becomes built in high-performance muscle memory.

When things fall apart- and they do- you’ll be ready to attack instead of peeling yourself up off the pavement… After being twice run-over. (The first time being destructive habits.)

When things grow- as they will- You’re able to handle the added responsibility instead of being crushed by the burden. If you’re hanging on by a thread now, do you really need to wait for a snag to see the work is vital?

What are these things, this work that is so banal and mundane?

  • Thinking
  • Nutrition
  • Coping
  • Exercise
  • Bedtime
  • Sleeping
  • Waking
  • Communicating
  • Good hygiene
  • Practicing
  • Studying
  • Organizing
  • Learning
  • Planning

Yep. The basics. But what you eat can kill you. I turned 40 a few days ago and am gratefully grounded in this struggle.

Be not weary in well-doing.

It’s all unfolding.

I hope these words help you to keep fighting, to shift thinking. To remember all of your life and choices are significant. To make sure you never underestimate how powerful and important your life and total health is.

This is me.

On a journey.

I don’t know exactly where we’re going.

But I know the way.



One Reply to “It is well.”

  1. I love (and have for 25ish years!!!) your posts, stories, writing, honesty, and human-ness. You’re a good soul, love. Just wanted to put it in writing 😘

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